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Matthew Altbuch, President / Instructor / Professional Catcher
Matthew is from Wellington, FL and is a graduate of Florida State University where he performed with the Florida State Flying High Circus throughout his college career. With the Circus, Matthew was very involved performing high wire, flying trapeze, teeter board, adagio, and juggling.  As Lead Rigger, he was responsible for everything from the actual circus tent to all other aerial apparatus.  In 2002, he was recruited By SuperClubs Resorts in Jamaica to run the circus programs and train local staff. He was then brought to Club Med in 2005 and performed in the Dominican Republic. Matthew has worked with many nationalities and is able to instruct circus in multiple languages. He has dedicated his life to bringing the circus arts and shows to communities around the world. Through his company Aerial Trapeze Academy, LLC he has been sponsored to bring flying trapeze through Chile, the x-games Billabong surf contest in Costa Rica. Matthew has also implementing circus programs throughout the United States in Summer Camps in Maine, WV, PA, FL, Arkansas, NY, NC, SC, GA, Maryland and Massachusetts. Matthew has been a professional catcher, flyer, and instructor for the flying trapeze and other circus arts for over 25 years. He recently performed in Cirque du Soleil’s show Kooza in Virginia Beach with our fly act.  When he isn’t performing, he works with kids teaching the art of circus and flying trapeze year round and the international circle community often calls upon his vast expertise.  “Run away with the circus, be home in time for dinner.” 


Jennifer Altbuch, Office Manager / Instructor / Performer

Jennifer is from Wylie, Texas and she started her circus career in 2004. She is a professional aerialist and flying trapeze artist whos performed in Jamaica (SuperClubs Resorts), Bahamas (SuperClubs Resorts), Mexico, Israel, Malaysia, Florida (Club Med Resorts), Thailand and all over the USA. Her summers are typically spent instructing her skills at camps throughout the nation. Currently, Aerial Trapeze Academy and Jennifer teaches at a summer camp called, Kutcher's Sports Academy in Great Barrington, Mass. Jennifer enjoys teaching circus and performing year-round.  Jennifer met Matthew Altbuch (see above) in 2003 in Jamaica where she had no idea her vacation was going to change her life forever when they fell in love on the trapeze! They have tied the knot on Nov. 1, 2020.


 Cayla, Instructor / Performer


 Spider, Instructor / Performer



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